Arbotist - About Us

At Arbotist - Automation Robotics Synergistic Technology, we provide innovative solutions by integrating Automation and Robotics Synergistic Technology. We believed that the integration design is an ART because every design is different but utilizing the similar technology. Like an ARTIST, we challenged ourselves with creativity to produce an outstanding and cost effective piece of ART.

Arbotist - Automation Robotics Synergistic Technology has diverse capability and the real-world industries experience combined to provide innovative automation robotics solutions aimed at improving cycle time and throughput, reducing costs per part, increases utilization rates, optimizing and simplifying process operations as well as creating an opportunity for everyone to learn and do a higher level tasks.

With Arbotist - Automation Robotics Synergistic Technology automation robotics synergistic technology integration innovation, our solutions translates to your competitive advantage.

Arbotist - Vision & Mission


Partnering with our valuable customers in providing solutions by employing synergistic integration of automation & robotics technology to increase productivity as well as to provide a better and safer environment.


1. To provide solutions to our customers by employing synergistic integration of automation and robotics technology to
  • maximize profit and enhancing product quality by reducing operating cost with lesser downtime and utilizing a smaller footprint areas.
  • advance human from dirty, dangerous and dull tasks to performing higher value-added tasks.
2. To continuously exploring and synergizing future technologies and applications to create a better and safer environment for current, next and future generations.

"Automation Robotics Synergistic Technology - If we can conceptualize it, we can design, build & deploy it." - Arbotist