Arbotist - Why Automated/Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) In Automation Robotics

AGVs or AMVs ( Autonomous Mobile Vehicles) presents an increasingly attractive option for today’s companies looking for ways to balance enhanced competitiveness against profits and overheads. As described in the top 7 benefits of AGVs listed below, AGVs are financially affordable and offer long-term savings, plus other benefits, including improved quality, increased production, efficiency & safety.

1. Automatic Line Balancing

  • With multiple operations conducted at various times in an operations environment, AGVs can assist in line balancing with minimal labor needed to move or transfer materials around

2. Accountable And Repeatable

  • Once onboard the AGVs, lost or misplaced items can be minimized with traceability activated
  • Able to perform repetitive movement tasks automatically, predictably and reliably without fatique

3. Safety

  • Will always follow the guided route and stop if encounter an obstruction or find an alternate route
  • Collision avoidance capabilities preventing accidents happening within the facility

4. Reduce Operating Cost

  • Labor cost tends to increase and change quickly but AGV systems cost are very predictable
  • Will not need time away from production for breaks, sickness, distractions or lapses of concentration
  • Automated battery charging and monitoring, speed control, minimizes wear and tear

5. Flexibility And Scheduling

  • Add flexibility to operations since once programmed, easily can switch between routes or program a new route
  • Through scheduling, AGVs helped to improve efficiency of operations to move or transfer materials or products in a timely manner

6. Improve Quality And Reduce Product Damages

  • Handles load gently, reducing scrap as well as wastes
  • Greater Product quality can be achieved with no collisions or accidents

7. Scalability

  • Additional AGVs can be added manually easily to expand capacity and throughput of operations
  • With an advance fleet control software, AGVs can be properly managed easily and systematically

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