Arbotist - Why Automation Robotics

Automation Robotics presents an increasingly attractive option for today’s companies looking for ways to balance enhanced competitiveness against profits and overheads. As described in the top 10 benefits of Automation Robotics listed below, robots are financially affordable and offer long-term savings, plus other benefits, including improved quality, increased production, efficiency, improved health & safety.

1. Stay Competitive

  • Reduce direct and overhead costs, making a difference to your competitiveness in manufacturing

2. Improve Product Quality & Reliability

  • Achieve a consistently high quality finish for every product produce with inherent accuracy and repeatability of robots
  • Eliminate problems associated with tiredness, distraction and effects of mundane and tedious tasks

3. Improve Quality Of Work For Employees

  • Improve working conditions for your staff where they’ll no longer have to work in tiring, dusty, hot or hazardous environments
  • Staff to learn robot programming skills and do work that is more stimulating and challenging

4. Increase Production Output

  • Require little to no supervision and can be left running overnight and during weekends, hence increasing output levels and meet customer order deadlines
  • Will not need time away from production for breaks, sickness, distractions or lapses of concentration
  • Can also be programmed offline, ensuring new production processes can be quickly introduced for faster production

5. Increase Product Manufacturing Flexibility

  • Add flexibility to production line since once programmed, easily can switch between processes, thus helping to meet changes in product design or customer demand with the minimum effort

6. Reduce Wastes & Increase Yields

  • Increase the quality of products with more products finished on the first run vs the standard required by customers
  • Reduce the amount of breakages and waste produced as a result of poor quality or inconsistent processes and finishing
  • With products being produced to such a high level each time, greater yield gains are achievable

7. Improve Health & Safety

  • Readily taking over unpleasant as well as health threatening tasks
  • Decrease the likelihood of accidents caused by contact with machine tools or other potentially hazardous production machinery or processes
  • Help to eliminate ailments associated with repetitive or intensive processes working long hours

8. Reduce Labor Turnover & Recruitment Difficulty

  • Highly-skilled manual workers becoming harder to find and more expensive to employ
  • Once programmed for specific process, robots are ready to begin work with no costs associated with recruitment or ongoing training
  • Also offer greater flexibility in work patterns and the ability to handle different production tasks

9. Reduce Capital Costs

  • Achieve faster, more efficient production lines
  • Help reduce capital costs associated with inventory and work in progress.
  • Businesses can better predict the production rate and ensure a fast and efficient service is delivered

10. Better Floor Space Utilization

  • Able to be mounted in multiple configurations to help save highly valuable space in manufacturing floors
  • Able to be programmed to work in confined spaces so additional floor space can be utilized for expansion

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