Arbotist - Determining Automation Robotics ROI

ROI or Return On Investment is a performance measure to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. ROI measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment's cost. Simply put, if you invest into something, in return, you want to get back more than what you have invested from that something within a specific investment time frame.

Ideally, there are multiple reasons for every business to invest in automation robotics but in the end, for any business to continue and grow, it is productivity which leads to profitability.

At Arbotist-Automation Robotics Synergistic Technology, we have 2 unique ways of assessing and analyzing ROI, i.e. from:

1. Labor cost savings

Thinking of replacing all your current workers as soon as your process automated with robots? Well, think again. This may not be the case to improve productivity. A productive business needs both skilled humans as well as automation robotics.

Humans co-working with robots seems to be more productive than all humans as well or all machines alone. Robots are very productive with mundane and repetitive processes since robots were programmed to do so while humans are more suitable with planning and decision making.

Start partnering humans with robots in any processes. Retraining and reassigning humans to higher level tasks means a savings in future labor cost where you can use the savings to invest in automation robotics today to achieve the desired productivity for your business to continuously grow year after year.

2. Increase in utilization

Utilization is the action of making practical and effective use of something or someone, whether an equipment or a human. If utilization being impacted, the loss is time where we cannot recover.

Human has a tendency to procrastinate which will drop productivity and impacting utilization. Hence, most companies are actually meeting between 50%-85% of utilization. Ever thought of achieving >95% of utilization to increase productivity and efficiency?

Let what humans do best, i,e. planning and decision making while robots programmed to do mundane and repetitive processes. With proper planning, investment in automation robotics and assignment of higher level tasks to humans, you can achieve unbelievable utilization that increases productivity while gaining back the loss in time without automation robotics.
Arbotist - Automation Robotics ROI Calculator

Below are the ROI calculators but may or may not be applicable to your applications. Please use only as a general guideline. Contact Us if there is a different ROI assessment required.

  • ROI From Labor Cost - Here, you can use our free calculator to estimate the ROI % and payback period from labor cost savings to invest in automation robotics
  • ROI From Utilization - Here, you can use our free calculator to estimate the ROI and equivalent days gained from improved utilization for your automation robotics investment

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