Arbotist - Types Of Robots In Automation Robotics

Listed here are the different type of Robots such as Articulated, Cartesian, Cylindrical, Polar, SCARA, Delta as well as Cobots or Collaborative Robots


Arbotist - Articulated Robot
  • 2-10 or more rotary joints
  • Connected to a rotary base
  • Each joint or axis provide an additional degree of freedom
  • 4-6 axis are common


Arbotist - Cartesian Robot

  • Rectilinear or gantry robots
  • 3 linear joints, X, Y & Z coordinate system
  • Attached wrist for rotational movement
  • 3 prismatic joints deliver linear motion along the axis


Arbotist - Cylindrical Robot

  • Has at least one rotary joint at the base for rotational motion
  • One prismatic joint to connect the links for linear motion
  • Operates within a cylindrical-shaped envelope


Arbotist - Polar Robot

  • Spherical robots
  • Arm is connected to the base with a twisting joint, a combination of 2 rotary and 1 linear joint
  • The axes formed a polar coordinate system and create a spherical-shaped work envelope


Arbotist - SCARA Robot

  • Selective Compliant Robot Arm
  • Commonly used in assembly applications
  • Arm is primarily cylindrical in design
  • Features 2 parallel joints that provide compliance in one selected place


Arbotist - Delta Robot

  • Spider-like robots
  • Built from jointed parallelograms connected to a common base
  • Used in food, pharmaceutical & electronic industries
  • Capable of delicate & precise movement


Arbotist - Cobots or Collaborative Robot

  • Collaboration robots, work alongside with a human
  • Has built in safety sensors to a halt upon hitting something or someone

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